Filling the America's Cup with Poetry

June 19, 2017

America's Cup Elevated & Honored in Written, Spoken & Visual Poetry & Planned Poetic Awards


Sailing is poetry in motion.  An artistry of thought, craft and feeling, a voyage; a navigation through the elements. This year's America's Cup, AC35, evokes it all.

A regatta of written, spoken and visual poems has been unfurling around it. A unique cultural offering commissioned by the Truce Foundation to honor the competing teams, and their Bermudian hosts, for the exceptional mega-sporting event. This  "poetorial" will be featured in part on this site.  

The body of written, spoken and visual poems speak to the sea, the spirit of challenge, man’s relationship to his outer and inner nature, and other fitting and inspiring dimensions.  Eleven award poems are in the process of being dedicated and personally presented to key figures, after the race ending, for their contributions to the success and essence of The Cup.

Ultramarine is the title of this offering, created & curated by plein air poet Colin Goedecke.  Also known as “The Floating Poet,” Goedecke is an impressionist in word, voice and image, of place, moment, atmosphere, presence. And is the Foundation's poet laureate. Several poems include original music by composer Jacob Friedman, like the opening piece “Racing."

The Truce Foundation, based in the US, promotes the ancient Olympic Truce for safe passage and participation at the Games.  It has recognized world leaders in sports politics and the Olympic Movement since 2004.  Awardees include prime ministers, foreign ministers, statesmen, Olympic leaders, and philanthropists. The Olympic Truce has been the longest-standing international accord in history, and the most supported United Nations initiative in modern times.

Many of the AC35’s sailors are Olympic medalists, and through the Cup they are bringing the Olympic ideal to Bermuda by demonstrating open play, fair competition, and international cooperation.

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