heaven-to-earth  ©  colin goedecke

heaven-to-earth  ©  colin goedecke


Beauty Continues

While countries, armies

and ideologies battle, bees

make honey. Butterflies

float, and drink the nectar

from gently open flowers.

While spouses, neighbors,

bosses and workers quarrel,

the sun still sets, and rises.

Brings color, splendor.

To snow-hatted mountains,

old growth forests,

bird-filled meadows.

The moon still shines.

Upon the faces of oceans

and lakes, fjords and

flowing rivers. On fish-filled

bays; clear streams and tarns,

tide pools of mussels,

anenomes, sea stars.

While attentions,

actions turn

to ungraced choices

and places of being,

unlovely behaving,

in the world's towns

and villages, houses

and metropolises,

beauty everywhere,

ever here, ever pure,




Colin Goedecke

for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics


Winter 2018