taking wing

taking wing

The Times of Truce


When the blowing

winds cease.

When the swelling

seas settle down.

When the earth

enters a still point

near dawn,

near dusk.

Or the night skies

grow silent

with stars.

Whenever the world

of Nature

makes peace

with itself.

And Man

mirrors that

peace in himself;

gives free leave

to his fellow man.

These are the times

when rare and

graceful plumes of truce,

deep spirits of unity,


can be found and

greatly felt ~

by everything living.

Be remembered and

honored ~

by everyone,

young to old,



~ Colin Goedecke


Enter in this video above a place of poetry, music and peaceful contemplation...


Plein air poet & poetorialist Colin Goedecke currently serves as poet laureate of The Truce Foundation.