A poem here above in video, with words, voice & images by our poet laureate Colin Goedecke, all musically-scored, for the PyeongChang Forum for the Earth & Its Citizens, and for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Its athletes, observers, and the wider world. A centerpiece of our larger cultural offering, of written, spoken and visual poems, in the spirit of trucefulness ~ and as a call to deeper consciousness, inner and outer peacefulness...and the freedom to be, grow and compete...


The Times of Truce



When the blowing

winds cease.

When the swelling

seas settle down.

When the earth

enters a still point

near dawn,

near dusk.

Or the night skies

grow silent

with stars.

Whenever the world

of Nature

makes peace

with itself.

And Man

mirrors that

peace in himself;

gives free leave

to his fellow man.

These are the times

when rare and

graceful plumes of truce,

deep spirits of unity,


can be found and

greatly felt --

by everything living.

Be remembered and

honored --

by everyone,

young to old,




Colin Goedecke

for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics


Winter 2018