January 21, 2018



The Truce Foundation of the USA will award three leaders as "Truce Bearers," in the spirit of the Olympic Truce, on February 7th, 2018; during the XXIII Olympic Winter Games at PyeongChang. At the opening receoption of the inaugural PyeongChang Forum for the Earth and Its Citizens, in Seoul, at the Hotel Intercontinental Parnas.

Governor of Gangwon Province CHOI Moon-soon will accept The Open Fields Award on behalf of the people of Korea. Which honors those who contribute to peace in each Olympic host country. 

The President of the PyeongChang Organizing Committee of the Olympic  Games LEE Hee-beom, is being honored with The Ekecheiria Award.    Which honors those who contribute to peace among the peoples of the world.   

The President of the United Nations General Assembly, Miroslav Lajčák, is being honored with The President's Award.  Which honors those who contribute to peace between the countries of the world.

The inaugural PyeongChang Forum (6-8 February), a Davos-like gathering, is bringing together over 1,200 other leaders and influencers to address The Olympics, the Earth and its Citizens.  

The Olympic Truce calls for safe passage and participation at the Games. 

North Korea and South Korea’s sudden cooperation draws greatly from the spirit of the Olympic Truce for the PyeongChang 2018 Games.    

Reaching back to 776 BC, the Olympic Truce is the oldest international accord, and continues as the central focus of the Olympic Movement. It's a timely reminder to all, that open play, fair competition, international cooperation and times of peaceful co-existence are not only possible, but also widely valued and vital to all nations and cultures.

The United Nations reaffirmed the Olympic Truce last November [1].  Amid the tensions on the Korean peninsula, it underscored sport as a means to promote peace, dialogue and reconciliation in areas of conflict, during and beyond the period of these Olympic and Paralympic Games (2 February – 25 March 2018).  The Truce has been the most supported initiative in all of the U.N.'s history. 

The Truce Foundation of the USA is a non-profit organization that recognizes statesmen and sport leaders in the advocacy of the Olympic Truce.  www.TruceFoundation.US  


CONTACT: Hugh Dugan | Hugh.Dugan@TruceFoundation.US  +1(212)380-6975


[1] The UN resolution A/RES/72/6 of 13 November 2017    https://digitallibrary.un.org/record/1319272?ln=en