THE TRUCE FOUNDATION OF THE U.S. ~ Making Cultural Contributions for This & Future Generations

We know about the historic Olympic Truce today thanks to ancient Greek poets and sculptors.  

And are carrying on the energy and essence of the Olympic ideal through contemporary cultural offerings, of befitting modern poetry and sculpture.

In the uplifting spirit of the classical Greek poet Pindar and sculptor Pheidias, our poet laureate Colin Goedecke and sculptor Rosa Serra are creating works for these and future ages; for the Olympics and other global sporting events we're engaged in. 

Our anthem-poem The Times of Truce speaks to fundamental understandings of and connections with self, the world and nature. Listen to a musically-scored version here, with original music by contributing composer Jacob Friedman. The monument Olympic Truce landmarks in materials from the earth the purpose of our movement.

A specially-composed poetorial, "Peace-ability," of now unfolding written, spoken and visual poetry, invites and inspires us to our higher consciousness, and deeper humanity, around the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

These creatings call us to live the pure spirit of the Olympic Truce, not only during these and other Games, but also in our daily lives and across generations.