The 35th America’s Cup


Crews of the challengers & defender in "AC35" included Olympic sailors. The peaceful gathering between people of many countries at this global sporting event further engendered the ideals of the Olympic Truce.

In keeping with its mission, the Foundation decided to culturally and humanistically elevate the story and sensibility of the 2017 America’s Cup sailing races in Bermuda...

...with a unique offering of commissioned written, spoken & visual poetry, a "poetorial," by the Foundation's poet laureate Colin Goedecke.

This included awards of individual poems ~ dedicated to each of the competing boats and teams, and others, who in our eyes embodied the essential spirit of the Truce.

Here is a short piece describing these awards.

Also here: a link to the larger poetorial, Ultramarine, honoring not only these participants but also the spirit of the sea, our relationship to inner & outer nature, and the island & islanders of Bermuda.

The AC35 tribute poems are

Seamounted, for America's Cup Bermuda Limited

Quo Fata Ferunt / Where the Fates Carry, for the island & islanders of Bermuda

Learning to Swim, for Aotearoa & Its Team & the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Strength in Numbers, for the USA's 17 & Its Team & the Golden Gate Yacht Club

Into the Wild Blue Wonder, for Sweden's Magic Blue & Its Team & the Royal Swedish Yacht Club

Flashes, for Japan's Hikari & Its Team & the Kansai Yacht Club

Our Natural State, for the UK's Rita & Its Team & the Royal Yacht Squadron Racing

Together, for France's Groupama & Its Team & the Yacht Club de France

On an Island, for the America's Cup Race Management

The Tropic of Cancer, for the Conquer Cancer Foundation

I've Seen a Country That Floats on the Sea, for the America's Cup Event Authority