The Olympic Truce


A central purpose of the Olympics: use sport as a way to create peaceful contact between communities in conflict.

In ancient Greece, pilgrims honored Zeus with contests and tributes at Olympia. But how could these people travel safely through war-zones and other obstacles? 

So rival city states swore the Olympic Truce for safe passage and participation for all concerned around the festival games, from athletes to spectators.     

Established in 776 BC, it's the oldest recorded international agreement still in effect; also the most supported United Nations agreement in history.  

The Olympic Truce for PyeongChang 2018 Games was reaffirmed - Read it here.  

The International Olympic Truce Foundation, under the International Olympic Committee, advocates for faithfulness to the Olympic Truce by and between countries. Its vision is to protect the interests of athletes and sport, and promote peaceful principles in these modern times. 

The Truce Foundation of the USA is the first civil society-led effort with this cause.  Building on tradition, we believe "safe passage and participation" today must include

  • facing down the fear of terrorism in our world
  • shielding the Olympic Movement from corrupting influences such as doping
  • protecting electronic access to the Games via social and other media  
  • safeguarding our athletes from any form of abuse against them

and, most importantly

  • each of us bringing our best self to the "contest" of life 

We invite you to join us. 


Take your own Truce Oath, and do so in solidarity with others pursuing the Olympic Ideal.  To help us reach across communities, those at peace and those in conflict.

Be inspired by the deeper spirit of the Olympic Truce.

I promise to use the inspiration of these days

to make a truce with conflicts in my life

that constrain me from pursuing

my goals and ideals.