Your Own Truce Oath


“My Truce Oath” offers a way for you, anyone, all people, to personally affirm a pledge similar to that taken by Olympic athletes ~ taking them beyond spectators, to participants.


I promise to use the inspiration of these days

to make a truce with conflicts in my life

that constrain me from pursuing

my goals and ideals. 


We invite you to take the My Truce Oath, and do so in solidarity with others pursuing the Olympic Ideal.  It can help us reach across communities, both those at peace and those in conflict.

We believe everyone can change some part of the world for the better; can reach their goals and live their ideals. And that the pure spirit of the Truce, embodied at Olympic Games and other ennobling competitive events, can serve as high inspiration.

This is a major purpose of our Foundation ~ to bring the Truce closer to home at a national level, and complement the International Olympic Committee's vision at a global one. 

Ours is the only such national initiative in the world to date, and we welcome others to join us in like-spirit. 

Get inspired by the Olympic Truce.