terra firma  ©  colin goedecke

terra firma  ©  colin goedecke


Always in Motion


                  for the Paralympians


And connection

with the greater.

The spirit.

That endows,


every fiber 

of thought

and feeling.

That enlarges

every vision of

what’s possible.

That enables 

every body

to rise above

the unbelievable;

reach, stretch to 

the exceptional.

That endures

all tests, 

all questions;

every trial by fire.

That enriches

our lives and places

here on Earth;


the hearts and minds

of our fellow men

and women --

and sometimes,

transcendent times,

moves mightily,


within, to empower

and ennoble us

in the eyes of

the wider world.




Colin Goedecke

for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

& Paralympics


Winter 2018