the ancient Olympic discus

Ancient discus.jpg

Awarding a discus to each truce-bearer we honor  

We present each awardee with a poem and a discus. Why? Because it recalls the uninterrupted tradition of the ancient Olympic Truce.

The Truce itself was then inscribed on a bronze discus at Olympia. It was revered, and enshrined in the Temple of Hera for all to read. 

It symbolized the flight of earthly  ambitions. 

All athletes passed by it as they entered the field of play a few yards away; where they vied for the glory of Zeus; to be the first to cross into his favor at the finish line.

Likewise, all pilgrims to those ancient Games were able to safely cross the lands, in praise of Zeus. 

The Truce enabled these peaceable gatherings and ensured fair play in those times. As it does today.

The discus speaks to these ideals ~ and to evolving a peaceful and better world through sport and this transcendent Olympic spirit.