The Foundation


The Truce Foundation of The USA is inspired by the ancient Olympic Truce; which was revived in 1993 for the modern era. And since affirmed by the United Nations General Assembly on different occasions, to support the safe passage and participation of all concerned with the Games.

Founded by former senior U.N. diplomat Hugh Dugan, we are a private non-profit organization promoting, honoring and elevating through sporting events the spirit of the ancient Olympic Truce on a national level; within the hearts and minds of America’s citizens, and among others in the world.

At special ceremonies and through various presentations, the Foundation awards truce bearers: statesmen and citizens promoting the essence of the Truce in and around Olympic Games and other high profile global as well as national sporting events.

We most recently contributed a body of written, spoken & visual poetry, Ultramarine, around AC35, The 2017 America's Cup in Bermuda. Composed and curated by plein air poet, poetorialist, and our poet laureate, Colin Goedecke. As well as timely editorial commentary.

At the most international level, the International Olympic Truce Foundation (established by the International Olympic Committee, the IOC) promotes and advances the Olympic Truce between countries. 

In the spirit of Olympism, we in turn recognize and support higher-minded efforts not only between countries but also nationally, within them, and communities and households, to help them realize their greater goals, ideals and aspirations. 


1.       Award & honor those supporting the Olympic Truce;

2.      Promote a “My Truce Oath” for spectators to affirm, together with the oath athletes affirm;

3.      Landmark the Olympic Truce’s message through gifts of monuments and statuary. Major pieces are permanently installed at International Olympic Committee headquarters in Switzerland and at United States Olympic Committee headquarters in Colorado.  Both of these are eight-foot tall bronze statues.

Our Foundation is a non-profit, non-commercial, volunteer organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey. 

We draw upon the advice and support of educators, attorneys, diplomats, community leaders, public servants, international business leaders, non-governmental organizations, sports celebrities, cultural figures and philanthropists.  

The Truce Foundation of The USA seeks to enlighten and uplift the world's youth through sport and culture, by promoting greater worldwide awareness of ideals inspired by the Olympic Truce, and supporting and cooperating with local, national and international organizations with a shared intent.