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Moving the Heart & Mind's Eyes & Ears with a World Premier of the Poetorial "Peace~ability"

"Peace-ability", a "poetorial" contributed to these Winter Olympic Games. A body of written, spoken & visual poetry in the spirit of trucefulness, deeper consciousness and inner & outer peacefulness. By Colin Goedecke, poet, poetorialist ~ and the Truce Foundation's poet laureate. Marked by a live dedication in Seoul on the eve of the PyeongChang Games, including a multimedia presentation to the PyeongChang Forum for the Earth & Its Citizens, of our anthem-poem "The Times of Truce," and poem-awards to designated Olympic Truce-Bearers, at our February 7th (2018) award ceremony. 

We invite you to experience this unique poetorial of trucefulness and peacefulness in its wholeness online, "Peace-ability" at www.thepoetorialist.com/peaceability-for-the-pyeongchang-2018-winter-olympics/. Which you can engage in written, spoken, visual ~ and (selected) musical form.

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