We spoke at the UN today...

The Truce Foundation of the USA spoke at the United Nations today on a panel "Sport as a Catalyst for Building Resilient and Prosperous Societies." 

The message from all was clear: sport has the potential to educate and to advance the development of individuals and societies in ways that also support the realization of the UN's goals for economic and social development and prosperity across borders.  All called for partnership between sport and such activities

The Truce Foundation emphasized the power of the Olympic Truce right now in easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  It urged all to see this as example to call for truces in our local communities and personal lives, if only during the Games, to address conflict toward resolution. 

Other panelists included the ambassadors of Monaco, Italy, and Republic of Korea to the United Nations, international businessmen promoting sport's healthy attributes, sports journalist B.J. Schecter, and UN officials.